Bitcoin mining tools and links

In search of the right Bitcoin mining tools, I decided after long tests for the following reputable platforms:

Bitpanda (since 2014, Austria)

This platform or wallet is your interface to the bank account. Here you can change Euro to Bitcoin and vice versa, deposit or withdraw from the bank account.

Minergate (since 2014)

If you want to mine your crypto currency yourself, this platform is my choice. You can then withdraw Monero via Bitpanda.

Freewallet (since 2016)

On this platform, the Minergate geminten Crypto currencies can be transferred for free and switch to Bitcoin. From here you can have them paid out via Bitpanda.

other usefull links


Here you always have an overview of the current prices of all Cryppto currencies like Bitcoin, Monero, u.v.m.


If you want to know how your hardware performs or which graphics card is suitable for mining, you can look it up here. This site also helps you make purchasing decisions, because the most expensive is not the best for mining!

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