exchange Bitcoin (FreeWallet)

On this platform, the example with Minergate mined Crypto currencies can be transferred for free and exchange to Bitcoin. From here you can then have them paid out directly via Bitpanda.

This exchange portal is also the most user friendly I’ve ever tested. Everyone can find their way here!

You can sign up here: FreeWallet Webseite

After successful login you will get to the following main page:


In the left column you can see the own balance of the different currencies. If you choose one by clicking, you now have the option of sending, receiving or changing to another currency.


If you want to send a crypto currency or transfer it to another portal, first select the desired one in the left column. Then you just click on “Send” and you can enter the destination wallet address.

Freewallet senden

If you continue, you just choose more the desired amount.


To transfer a Crypto currency to your FreeWallet¬†account, first select the currency you want to transfer in the left one. Then you click on “Receive” and get immediately your Wallet address, over which you can transfer the desired Crypto currency to FreeWallet.

FreeWallet empfangen

It is very important to choose the correct currency to transfer first, because each crypto currency has its own receiving address. So you can not send Monero to a Bitcoin Wallet address!


To switch one Crypto currency to another, simply select the currency you want to change in the left menu and click on “Exchange”.

Freewallet wechseln

Exchange to Bitcoin: In my example, I change Monero into Bitcoin. With “From” Monero is already selected, you now only have to select the target currency under “To”. Finally, you enter the desired amount that you want to change and confirm with “Continue”.

FreeWallet wechseln

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