Are you interested in bitcoins and crypto mining?
It is never too late for that!

Personally, I have long listened to the advice of a friend who always said “it is too late for that now. We should have started earlier, but now the train has already left “. Now many years have passed and I had to watch that it was never too late, not even now! But one thing is clear:

The sooner you start with bitcoins and mining, the better!

Bitcoin Mining 24The Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies have against a currency such as decisive advantages for the euro:

  • Crypto currencies are now exposed to large price fluctuations (50%), which makes it possible to buy very cheaply at the low point and to profitably return to the euro at the highest level. Nevertheless, it remains stable and is therefore safe! Thus, they are ideal for trading and investing e.g. with Bitpanda suitable!
  • Crypto currencies can be mined, the euro only invest. If you invest your Bitcoins in online mining platforms, you get by mining around 1.9% per week! Compared to an account on the bank with less than 1% per annum, you can reach the invested amount in about 10 months!
  • When talking about e.g. Minergate mines itself, one reaches of course a much higher percentage, but is also technically complex.

Half a year ago I tried the first start as a layman and tried out a lot. My ulterior motive has always been to invest as little money as possible, but in the end I still have noticeably more in the month on my account.

Many things did not lead to the hoped-for success, but in the end, thanks to a lot of research and a few backfire attempts, I came across possibilities in the jungle of bitcoin mining, as I do with little resources and little effort but my account can push.

You only need a handful of tools to be at the forefront!

Bitpanda (since 2014, Austria)
Minergate (since 2014)
Freewallet (since 2016)

If you have further questions or suggestions about the topic of Bitcoin mining, just leave a comment. I will gladly answer these!

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  1. Nun, ich hatte meine Chance verloren, ein Millionär in Bitcoins zu werden, aber als ich auf diese Seite stieß, investierte ich in sie und es stellte sich heraus, dass sie mir 65% meiner Investitionswoche gaben.

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