self mining (Minergate)

Minergate is by far the most user-friendly and reliable mining portal I’ve tested! The Mining interface and the Minergate client are clear and easy to understand.

You can log in here: Minergate Webseite

After successful login you will get to the following main page:

Minergate main

No matter how many PCs you set up the Mining Client, everything comes together on this interface. You can follow up on what your clients are currently mincing, what they are currently delivering, how much has been done, and much more.

Minergate Client

The Minergate Client is installed locally on the PCs to be mined. To install the necessary Mining Client, just download the desired Minergate Client under “Downloads” in the upper dark bar. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu) and Fedora. Advanced users can also use the ccminer, xmr-stak, …

Minergate Download

If you install this, you just have to specify your Minergate credentials and you’re ready to go. And this is how the installed Minergate client looks like:

Minergate client

Now you just select the desired crypto currency to be mined, and click on the play button in the line. Finished!

The green field indicates that the CPU is currently being mapped with 4 cores (selectable via drop-down). If you also have a suitable graphics card, you can also activate GPU mining in the field next to it via the play button. On the Minergate website you can follow the current values right away.

The following Crypto currencies can be mined: AEON, BCN (Bytecoin), BTG (Bitcoin Gold), DSH (AdShares), ETC (Etherium Classic), ETH (Etherium), FCN (Fantomcoin), INF8, MCN, QCN (QuazarCoin), XDN (DigitalNote), XMR (Monero), and ZEC (Zcash).

My choice fell on XMR (Monero), because with this currency, the CPU and GPU mining profits are by far the highest! This can also be checked on the Minergate website at the top of the dark bar at “Calculator”. You enter the computing power (hashes) and immediately see in a table at which currency the return is highest.

withdraw or transfer

When you are ready to transfer Monero or any other minted Crypto currency, you can do it using the “Withdraw” function in the respective currency line:

Monero auszahlen

If you follow my method, then I would recommend that you transfer your crypto currency now free via e-mail address to the platform Freewallet(for this you must already be registered there). There you can change them to Bitcoin and transfer everything directly to your bank account via Bitpanda.

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